All-Women “Game of Thrones” Fan Podcasts

Because gender and misogyny are huge themes in A Song of Ice and Fire, I was inspired by the most recent ask to start a tumblr post featuring Game of Thrones fan podcasts that are hosted by women!   Hoping we can update this through reblogs to create a master list.

  • Cast of Castamere:  Hosted by Sierra, Zoe, Caitlin and Merry.  Episode by episode breakdowns for each episode of Season 3!
  • The Daily Raven: A video podcast from WinterisComing.net created, hosted, and co-written by Simone Boyce.  Episode recaps and exclusive interviews with the stars of Game of Thrones.
  • Fat Pink CastShameless plug!  Hosted by Jonelle, Marissa, and Sade, we are an all WoC podcast and we sail the torrid seas of ASOIAF fandom using an incisive critical feminist theory lens!
  • Sistah Speak-Game of Thrones:  Sistah J and Sistah K offer witty breakdowns of each episode of the show.  Two WoC created The Sistah Speak network of podcasts (they do True Blood and The Walking Dead, too!) to help diversify podcasts.  (I am pretty sure they were the first all-WoC podcast!)
  • Wine, Women, and Westeros:  A tipsy, lady-centric offshoot of Cast of Thrones hosted by Jennifer Cheek and special guests Betsy Cohen and Annie Bickerton.  (Multiple episodes, check the feed.)
  • PieCast:   Brought to you by the ladies of Fire and Lunch! Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Megan, Lauren, Katie, and Jess. Includes a Pies of the Crossing theme song. This podcast launched at the beginning of season four

Let me know if I’m missing any!


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