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If any potential Ariannes want to come and sit on the street you can email me at aimee@rejectedprincesses.com. —Aimee Richardson (@Aimee_P_R)

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sophie turner on sansa and littlefinger.

Are people actually happy with this information, because to be quite honest, it makes my stomach turn that this is what the writers are planning for Sansa. I shouldn’t be surprised though, I really shouldn’t.


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Where'd they say that Ellaria is Tyene's mother?

It’s in the casting announcement.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers will play Tyene Sand, the daughter of Oberyn’s final paramour, Ellaria Sand


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In which fantasy fiction with characters of color is subjected to the “historical accuracy” test and comes out on top once again…

(fyi this is the author of The Throne of the Crescent Moon, which has been featured for Fiction Week previously)


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I was a foolish willful girl, playing at the game of thrones like a drunkard rolling dice.

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As much as I hate that Arianne is probably replaced by Trystane (is his actor a person of colour or not?)-Arianne may also still be a delayed cast release-Iwan Rheon wasn't in the clip of new cast members for last year, and Ramsay Bolton is pretty important- I'd also love to know which of the just-released castings you are happy with, and why you believe they are good ^_^

"Arianne may also still be a delayed cast release—"


I’m happy with Alexander Siddig as Doran, Jessica Henwick as Nymeria (this is the only Sand Snake casting I love tbh), and I’m okay with Keisha-Castle Hughes as Obara, even though Obara’s supposed to be more Amazonian and not conventionally attractive.

I’m really questioning why they went ahead and made Tyene’s mother Ellaria, but then…cast a white person.


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Many Ladies wear it this way

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Game of Thrones: Season 5 - New Cast Memebers [x]

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I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

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